Links and More…

This is a developing page that will accrue information over time. You are invited to suggest any sites, information, videos, and more. See the comments’ box below.

Harvard Education Review a great site for one of the best journals in the field.

Eyebeam is a model website for all matters multi-art or multi-media.

Academe Magazine for those members of AAUP.

Science Daily interesting source for a lot of research content in various fields.

Democary Now is a strong political site. For the daily dosage of news and activism.

Brookings Institution is…well the Brookings Institution. Who doesn’t know it?!

Rethinking Schools is a great magazine. Short but fabulous articles.

NEA is the National Endowment for the Arts. For those who think that government can do things to help…

NEA is the other NEA, the National Education Association….but if you are a teacher you know it already.

CRME is ta long standing publication in music education. Now online.

GRIME is fabulous group focusing on Gender in Music Education.

IJCM is the premier Community Journal in music education.