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Who is Afraid of Policy?!?

This presentation was delivered at the 2011 Society for Music Teacher Education (SMTE) conference, and addresses the role and significance of policy thinking and practice in the 21st century.  The manner in which complex visions of education are being formed today require that music educators be more attuned to policy issues –  both at the level of the community and the classroom.

A two week version of this idea was presented as a Doctoral Seminar at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland, on February 2012.  Here is a link to an local article on the issue.

Policy and Leadership

This presentation was delivered at the NAfME National Conference in St. Louis, US.  It presents two models for action and analysis within the policy realm.  It offers a district way of looking at leadership and exemplifies it with the case of music teacher evaluation.

Place Based Education

This presentation given as a keynote at the 11th Nordic Conference in Örebro, Sweden, addresses the manner in which Place Centered Education can function as a strong possibility to by-pass the restrictions of current debate between informal and formal education.

Non Governamental Organizations and Music Education

This presentation was first delivered at the Research Commission of the ISME Conference in China, in 2010.  It addresses, conceptually and practically, the research on NGOs I have developed, particularly in Brazil.  It places the key issues and possibilities of NGO and gives examples of three different ways of developing music education outside traditional classrooms.

Bildung and Music Education

This presentation was part of a Symposium on the role of the concept of Bildung and its contemporary impact upon an education in and through music.  It was delivered at the Research in Music Education (RIME) conference in Exeter, England in the Spring of 2011. 

Policy 101 – Introducing Policy to Undergraduate Music Educators

This presentation was done at the NAfME National Conference in St. Louis, US, in March 2012 and was delivered to a large number of collegiate members interested in the role of policy as an element in the induction of music teachers into the profession. Click on the picture to see the presentation.

Reflective Teaching and Music Education

This presentation addresses the challenges of teaching and learning in the high-speed society in which we live and the impact technology can have on reflective teaching and learning. The presentation was delivered at a College Music Society conference.