Publication Samples


Non-Governmental Organization and Alternative Music Education in Brazil

International Journal of Music Education (IJME)

Schmidt ISME PDF 2013

Cosmopolitanism and Policy: A Pedagogical Framework for Global Issues in Music Education

Arts Education Policy Review 

Schmidt AEPR PDF 2013

A Rabi, an Imam, and a Priest Walk into a Bar . . . Or, What can
Music Education Philosophy Learn from Comparative Cosmopolitanism? 

Philosophy of Music Education Review

Schmidt PMER PDF 2013

Lessons without Limit: Risk, critical thinking and empowerment in a meaningful education in and through Music

Art Music Review

Schmidt PDF

Critical Leadership and Music Educational Practice

Theory into Practice, Summer 2012

Schmidt TIP Article 2012 – PDF

Music, Policy and Place-Centered Education: Finding a Space for Adaptability

National Society for the Study of Education (NSSE), May 2012, TC Press

Music, Policy and Place Centered Learning – NSSE Book – PDF

What I hear is Meaning Too: Deconstruction, Dialogue and Music

Philosophy of Music Education Review, Spring 2012

Schmidt PMER 2012 – PDF

Music as a Global Resource

United Nations – Millennium Goals Project – Associate Editor

MAGR – Music as Global Resource 2012 – PDF

Ethics or Choosing Complexity in Music Education

Action, Critisim and Theory (ACT) Journal, March 2012

Ethics in Music Education – PDF

Music Education in Urban Contexts: A Redress

Action, Criticism and Theory (ACT) Journal, Summer 2011

Music Ed in Urban Contexts – PDF

The Politics of Not Knowing: The Disappearing Act of an Education in Music

Journal of Curriculum Theorizing – November 2011

Politics of Not Knowing – PDF

Looking Backwards to Reach Forward: A Strategic Architecture for Professional Development in Music Education

Arts Education Policy Review, Summer 2011

Policy and Professional Development – PDF

Living by a Simple Logic: Are Standards and Lack of Critical Leadership Related?

Studies in Music from the University of Western Ontario – Spring 2011

Standards and Music Education – PDF

Policy, Politics and North-South Relations

Journal da Abem – National Brazilian Association for Music Education

North-South Relations – PDF

Sphericity as the Policy Imperative in Educational Practices  

Arts Education Policy Review, Summer 2009

Policy and Sphericity, AEPR – PDF

Observation as Discourse: Conflict & Renunciation in Music Teacher Preparation

Finish Journal of Music Education, Spring 2008.

Observations as Reflective Practice – PDF

Democracy and Dissensus:

Action, Criticism and Theory (ACT) Journal, Spring 2008

Dissensus as constructive ideal – PDF

In Search of a Reality-Based Community: Illusion & Tolerance in Education 

Philosophy of Music Education Review, Fall 2007

Democratic Challenges to and Education in Music – PDF

From Whence Social Justice:  Interrogating the Improbable in Education

Action, Criticism and Theory (ACT) Journal, December 2007, Co-authored Cathy Benedict

Social Justice and Music Education – PDF

Dissertation Work

Discourse and Enactment in Music Teacher Preparation: Teaching, Ideology and Urban Education 

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