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Student Work

Student work is fostered in a creative and participative environment where collage, critical thinking and research writ large is undertaken.  These are values that should be fostered from very early on and that can be accomplished in complex terms by students at any stage of their development.  Below are some examples of such work:


Here are the surmised directions for the completion of a podcast project I develop with first year students: Podcast must present the independent and creative work of each student based upon the ideas, texts, videos or discussions developed throughout the semester.  The Final Podcast Theme is “Changing the Future of Music Education:  My Manifesto.”

The following elements are necessary:

    • A vision, both practical and conceptual, for music education;
    • Images, videos and text from a variety of sources, including some discussed in class;
    • Original text/idea that structures the podcast;

Elements of your own ‘philosophy’ of music education;

  • Interviews;
  • Reference to all information used;
  • Podcasts cannot be longer than 5 minutes and should make full use of current technology.

Here are examples from recent student work:


Prezi allows students to think creatively and collaboratively, while developing presentations, and organizing their thinking in a non-linear manner.  I have used this in my classroom as a tool for teacher-student dialogue as well as for developing a critical pedagogy based on revision and feedback (developing several drafts).

Here are some of the work students have developed in several classes (click on the title to see the Prezi presentation):

Space and Music Instruction



Multiculturalism and Music Education



Global Music Education




Phenomenology as a Research Paradigm




Music in Transition


In order to address the manner in which Millennials learn, I have started developing Virtual Papers as one of their assignments.  This is done at various class levels but always focusing on how critical pedagogies can be brought into the development of an complex understanding of what scholarship work can look like.  This assignment is a conflation of interpretative skills, capacity to gather and organize information, as well as looking at multimedia language.

Here are some examples from recent student work:

Control In Music Education: http://controlinmusiceducation.weebly.com/

Community and Music Educationhttp://communityandmusiced.tumblr.com/

Critical Thinking and the Choral Rehearsal: http://inquiretoacquire.weebly.com/teachers-the-underlying-issue.html

Classroom Environments and Teaching: http://classroomenvironments.weebly.com/